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Pets owned by Lambeau44

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Pet Dog
Breed Labrador Retriever
Age15 years, 25 days
Favorite activityplaying catch
Favorite toyher stick
Likesmolly loves being with people and being outside
Dislikesher big brother celtic messing with her
Storymolly is a crazy girl! she sings along to old mcdonald and the go cubs go anthem! she also loooves jumping over gates couches etc
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Pet Dog
Breed Rottweiler
Age19 years, 4 months, 9 days
Favorite activityplaying with his bones
Favorite toyhis stuffed baby porcupine
Likesthinking he is a 130lb lap dog.
Dislikeslambeau my lizzard
Storyceltlic is a loving very energetic dog that loooves going on walks and being the center of attention
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Pet Reptile
Breed Ignore
Age12 years, 9 months, 3 days
Favorite activityplaying in his pool
Favorite toyhis stuffed animal elephant he c
Likesto be out of his cage on peoples sholders
Dislikesbeing in his cage away from people! he will fight to get out
Storylambeau is a chinese water dragon that has survived many tragic trips to the er due to pet store neglect he is a spoiled little guy that almost thinks he is a human!

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