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Pets owned by jamiemclanahan

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Pet Dog
Breed Chihuahua
Age12 years, 4 months
Favorite activitySleeping with his Mommy, Eating
Favorite toyBlue Hippo
LikesGetting Under Blankets, Wearing Clothes
DislikesMy Husband
StoryPeanut is a Chihuahua that is almost 3 years old. I bought him after my uncle lost my Chi Rhett, whom my greatgrandfather had given me two weeks before he passed away. The day after Rhett was lost I began looking for a new pup and found Peanut on the internet. I called his owner and he was already sold, but was recently put back on the website due to the new owner's son was allergic to him. So I called the new owner. She said he was sold, but if I could get him that night, that I could have him. I drove 2 12 hours on a Sunday at 10pm and paid 500 for this little one. When I saw his picture I told my mom I was going to name him Peanut, and when I asked the woman who I got him from what she'd been calling him, she said her 5 year old had named him Peanut. It was fate. Peanut has been a huge part of my life ever since. He was even in my wedding he walked down the isle with my maidofhonor.

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