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Pets owned by oreocookiester

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Pet Dog
Breed Shih Tzu
Age16 years, 5 months, 26 days
Favorite activitylooking cute, sleeping, begging for food, getting treats, runnin
Favorite toyplastic squeekies, and giant stu
LikesI'm lazy, I like to snooze, I like to jump and lick people, I loveee being picked up and carried around, cuz I'm lazy, I like squeeky plastic toys that when I play with them my whole face smells like plastic i love ice cream and cake but really anything th
Dislikesvacuums, stupid plain bread, stupid little humans that likes to just grab, telling me to get off your lap, telling me to stop licking you
StoryWhile technically no longer a puppy at two and a half years of age, mentally Oreo is all puppy, from thinking he's a bunny when bouncing on my bed to killing squeaky toys in less than two minutes. He's a compulsive licker. He hates baths and he hates the vacuum even more. He loves the back yard, and he claims my bed as his own. He's the joy of my life.

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