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Pets owned by SophieAndMaddie

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Pet Dog
Breed Japanese Chin
Age13 years, 10 months, 19 days
Favorite activityplaying with me and other dogs
Favorite toya stuffed bear
Likesshe loves human food, she never gets full from it
Dislikesshe is such a good dog, there aint really anything she doesnt like. the only thing is, that she had a broken leg at the age of 3 months so i think it bothers her once in a while.
Storyshe is very cute, active, is always impressing boy dogs, loves the country, loves eating human food,and most of all... she loves spending time with the whole family
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Pet Dog
Breed Pomeranian
Age11 years, 1 month, 25 days
Favorite activitychasing big balls that are bigger than her!!
Favorite toystuffed bear
Likesshe LOVES to snuggle play, she is still a puppy, so she plays and sleep, plays and sleep, ect.
Dislikesshe hates when people blow on her. and when her sister maddie doesnt want to play with her
Storyshe is cute, she is almost 10 pounds and her sister is about 4 pounds so she thinks she is the queen playfull, always wants the attention, and is a super fun and great dog to have

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