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Pets owned by wlmitch13

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Pet Cat
Breed Other
Age29 years, 5 months, 24 days
Favorite activitySleeping!!! lol.. I love to be playful and chase balls around th
Favorite toystring, or fat cat cat nip toys
LikesShe likes everything and everyone
Dislikesthunder storms, and rain
StoryLucky is a british tortie thats almost 17 years old, shes completly healthy and active. She loves attention, and loves to eat. Her favorite are treats, people, animals, and everything else. Shes laid back and is very lovable. Lucky also likes to sit by the fire place, and can sleep there for hours. Overall shes a love bug, and makes a great pet. She has never went on our sofa, counters or anything. She uses the litter box, she folds the bag, shes overall a true lady, and an awesome pet loves to be vaccumed with the shop vac, and love to be bathed

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