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Pets owned by Dolphin

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Pet Dog
Breed Mixed breed
Age18 years, 15 days
Favorite activitySleeping or playing with Dixie
Favorite toyThe Couch!
LikesSleeping, Cuddling,licking faces, or playing with Dixie
DislikesToys, treats, food, ladies with short grey hair, wheels,kites, and being woken up.
StoryChester is a rescue from Kyle, Texas. We were walking by him when he jumped up and licked us. He is seven and super sweet!
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Name:Dixie Pantyhose
Pet Dog
Breed Labrador Retriever
Age11 years, 4 months, 10 days
Favorite activityEating
Favorite toyAnything she can chew at the mom
LikesFood, people, other dogs.
DislikesLadies with short grey hair, beards, anyone who doesn't feed her, and heat.
StoryDixie was bred by a friend and was given as a surprise Christmas present!
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Pet Cat
Breed Manx
Age16 years, 29 days
Favorite activityCuddling
Favorite toyMy Hand
LikesFood, playing
DislikesBeing picked up
StoryWe got her from a friends barn because she was born ferral. She's sweet now, but sometimes she's so impolite you'd swear she was raised in a barn!

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