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Pets owned by conniehonomichl

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Pet Cat
Breed Maine Coon
Age21 years
Favorite activitychase
Favorite toymice
Dislikespetting his tail
Storyhe is crazy he likes to run and play will chase you and he rolls over and looks at you upside down will open the cabinet to get his treats out and will set by the fridge to let you no that he is hungry,will curl up to you when he is cold and lays his head on your cheek
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Pet Dog
Breed German Shepherd
Age7 years, 11 months, 26 days
Favorite activityplaying with kids
Favorite toyfreesbee,ball
Likesplaying ,running riding in cars
Dislikessomeone sneaking up on him
Storyhe loves to play chase will kick the ball around by himself,likes to chase sticks and will hunt you if you hide from him

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