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Pets owned by jasminel89

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Pet Dog
Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age15 years, 11 months, 23 days
Favorite activityGoing for walks
Favorite toyCharlie doesn't like toys
LikesSleeping, eating and going for walks
DislikesTin food
StoryCharlie's my best mate and i love him to bits. Ive had him for almost 8 years and cant imagine life without him
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Pet Cat
Breed Mixed
Age15 years, 4 months, 22 days
Favorite activityCatching mice and rats
Favorite toyDoesnt have any
LikesMolly loves to snuggle up in bed with me
DislikesMolly doesnt like it when her little brother Jasper tries to play with her
StoryIve had molly for 7 years now and shes awesome. She loves nothing more than to sit on your lap and lick your hands which can get kinda annoying but I love her all the same
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Pet Cat
Breed Mixed
Age11 years, 3 months, 22 days
Favorite activityPlaying with anything he can find
Favorite toyJasper loves to find pens and ch
LikesHe likes to annoy people and his big sister Molly
DislikesHes not too keen on cooked meat
StoryJasper was actually born in 2011 but it wont let me write that. Hes my crazy cat, always running around and climbing on everything. Cant leave anything out otherwise he'll play with it and most likely lose it under the fridge or a cupboard. Love my crazy kitty

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