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Pets owned by hannah4everdumb

10 Vote for this pet14
Pet Reptile
Breed Ignore
Age12 years, 9 months, 30 days
Favorite activityHe likes sitting around all day under his basking lamp!
Favorite toyClimbing things
LikesFood, ME!
DislikesHe doesn't like to run for his food!
StoryHis name is Zorro, I got him September 3rd at petco the day my snake died! He's really nice and sweet!
6 Vote for this pet7
Name:Annah left and Savannah right
Pet Other
Breed Ignore
Age13 years, 6 months, 29 days
Favorite activityRunning and eating
Favorite toyTunnel
DislikesMy dogs!
StoryI gave them away before September 3rd!

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