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Pets owned by aminot30

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Pet Cat
Breed American Shorthair
Age13 years, 5 months, 16 days
Favorite activitySleeping, Eathing mice, Playing with the other cat.
Favorite toyHis catnip mouse
Likescatnip and eating
Dislikesthe vaccuum
StoryCrash. well theres not much to tell. We think he is an orange tabby, siamese mix....we think hes more siamese though...he is a liitle bit overweight and he is very attractive little boy!!
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Pet Dog
Breed Bichon Frise
Age15 years, 7 months, 7 days
Favorite activityPlaying with his ball
Favorite toyHis Ball
LikesTo play and frolic outside
DislikesBeing left home alone
StoryNot much to say!!

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