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Pets owned by kristiee93

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Pet Cat
Breed American Shorthair
Age13 years, 3 months, 2 days
Favorite activityHunting, eating, playing with his brother and sister, and the ne
Favorite toylive squirrels, birds, rabbits..
LikesLovess to be outside
StoryFlash is very outgoing, and sweet. He's very easy to love - and he loves everyone. He can make you laugh on your worst day!
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Pet Cat
Breed American Shorthair
Age12 years, 3 months
Favorite activitySleeping, Eating, Playing outside
Favorite toyfake worm on a fishing pole
Likesloves to be oustide
Dislikesanimals that are bigger than him
StoryCooper is very sweet. He likes to keep to himself, but occasionally has lovey moments. He's a very big boy, with big beautiful green eyeshe's also not very photogenic
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Pet Cat
Breed American Shorthair
Age11 years, 13 days
Favorite activityplaying! and cuddling with her mommy (me!)
Favorite toylaser pointer
Likestoys, toys, and more toys!
Dislikesshe is afraid of dogs, and alot of other stuff because she is very very tiny!
StoryI found Piper outside by herself September 28th, 2009 so I'm not quite sure when her real birthday is.She was about 2 months at the time. Piper can be very shy, but she's very cute. Once she has warmed up to you, she refuses to leave your side. I love her so much and she's got the prettiest face!

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