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Pets owned by Cameron&Mia

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Pet Dog
Breed Maltese
Age10 years, 17 days
Favorite activityGoing to the mall, playing with her pink tennis ball, napping, c
Favorite toyPink tennis ball, UGG boots
LikesTreats, Toys, Teddy bears, People, Me, Other dogs, Walks, Sparkles
DislikesShe likes everything
StoryMia is 5-6 months old and is 4 pounds. She is friendly and extremely bubbly. She loves everyone and everyone loves her!
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Pet Dog
Breed Golden Retriever
Age14 years, 17 days
Favorite activityFetch, Napping
Favorite toyHis bear
LikesTreats and long runs
Dislikesa sculpture of and elephant, he will run away at the sight of it
StoryTheo is 6 years old and i got him as a christmas present when i was little. He is very loving and energetic, but not jumpy

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