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Pet Dog
Breed Great Dane
Age9 years, 10 months, 18 days
Favorite activityI love playing. Once I start I refuse to stop. I love going for
Favorite toyI don't have a favorite toy beca
LikesPlaying, cuddling, car rides, fetch, tug-a-war
DislikesLoud noises, running into stuff, making things fall, being left at home, having to stay downstairs when kids are here.
StoryHi my name is Kush and I'm a merlequin Great Dane. I turn 1 in May. I'm always on the go. I would never stop playing if it was possible. I love it when my mommy and daddy cuddle with me when I'm sleeping. I really like it when I get my neck and my back scratched it's almost to much for me to handle sometimes. I'm still a puppy but I'm smarter then you think. My mommy tells me that I'm the smartest dog she's ever had. Well I gotta go look out the window and make sure no ones here. BYE!

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