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Pets owned by luvyduvvy

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Pet Dog
Breed Pomeranian
Age13 years, 11 months
Favorite activityrunning around im the backyard with her sister raven(also a pome
Favorite toymy "binky" pink plush toy
Likesloves belly rubs,taking pop tart wrappers out of the garbage to play with lol.messing around with the cat and playing with her sister raven.cuddles.
Dislikesbeing bullied around by pixie the cat
StoryTeddie is my name and I am 2yrs old and a few mths.Im a light Orangle Sable pomeranian and weigh 4lbs.My dad's grandfather was a show dog and won all kinds of contests.I get attention where ever i go people stop just to pet me and give me attention.I love people.I have a lot of energy. im very loving and happy all of the time.

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