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Pets owned by Cat Eyes

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Pet Dog
Breed Golden Retriever
Age14 years, 7 months, 4 days
Favorite activityRunning and playing
Favorite toynila bone
LikesBuddy likes to be petted and likes to run, and he likes the ocean where he can run into the water and swim
DislikesBuddy doesn't like to be cooped up all the time, and he doesn't like being alone
StoryBuddy is the sweetest most loving dog anyone could ever get! He has saved my life before, and he protects and cares for me sometimes more than i ever do him!!! He sleeps by me in bed, and he sits by me when i sit. He bikes next to me and runs next to me and loves to be hugged and kissed and held in my arms!
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Pet Cat
Breed Siamese
Age16 years, 3 months, 20 days
Favorite activityWell, she used to like to sleep on me or play with me, but latel
Favorite toyShe used to play with a toy that
LikesSuki loves to be petted, although she is really a fat old cat that likes to hide a lot and hates our other pets and everyone but me whome she lets pet her and hold her on occasion now adays.
DislikesSuki doesn't like Buddy or Pippin or Rasin or Taz or Desperaux or Tribble or anybody or anything but food.
StorySuki was a starving runt when we found her being carried around by two iresponsable teens. Long story short, they gave her to us for they didn't want her, and we gave her some water from my water bottle out of the cap. I love this fat ol black cat more than words can express. She is blind in one eye, and losing sight in the other. But i will take care of her until the end of the earth.
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Pet Cat
Breed Mixed
Age14 years, 4 months, 29 days
Favorite activityPippin likes to go outside and be snuggled and pet.
Favorite toyThis christmas we gave Pippin a
LikesPippin likes being held and snuggled and laying on a bed like a prince.
DislikesPippin doesn't like Buddy or Suki but they don't fight or anything.
StoryWe found Pippin when a bald trucker man flagged us down on the side of the road. We unrolled the window a crack, to find that the man was holding a tiny kitten! He had almost run Pippin over! So we tookk Pippin home, for the man could not.
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Pet Other
Breed Ignore
Age15 years, 8 months, 7 days
Favorite activityTaz likes to build forts and beds out of different odds and ends
Favorite toyTaz loves his jingly ball!!!
LikesTaz likes to be petted and held close to my heart.
DislikesTaz doesnt' like Rasin.
StoryTaz is nearly two years old and soon will no longer be with us. Taz it a handsome little rat and i love him with all my heart. he has the most expresive personality i've ever seen in a pet or a human!

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