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Pets owned by nikkijana

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Pet Dog
Breed Mixed breed
Age14 years, 5 months, 11 days
Favorite activitychasing flies and messing with the other dogs
Favorite toyball and bone
Likeslikes to have her belly rubbed and likes attention and likes to giving kisses all the time.
Storyshe has snow white fur and she has beautiful eyes and she's very loving and she's a friendly dog and she's alot bigger then her mother. my dog haley is the mother to frosty.
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Pet Dog
Breed Pomeranian
Age16 years, 15 days
Favorite activityplayin with the other dogs
Favorite toyball
Likesshe likes to be center of attention
Dislikesdoesnt like to get blow dryed
Storyshe's a precious dog, she's very loving only to women, she was abused by men before i got her from this lady in garden city that breeds dogs. She's not suppose to be breed but she's had puppies. she's very protective of her owner.
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Pet Dog
Breed Mixed breed
Age13 years, 3 months, 16 days
Favorite activityhunting,chasing after things, terrozing the cat
Favorite toyball or a chew toy
Likeshe likes to go hunting with my dad and likes to go to the lake every summer
Dislikesto be away from his daddy
Storyhe's half black lab and blue healer. he is the cutest dog ever, even with one eye. He got into a accident two years at the harlan county lake with my dad and brother. but he's still the cutest ever. he will jump on you and give you kisses and sometimes he will wrestle with you.
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Pet Cat
Breed American Shorthair
Age24 years, 16 days
Favorite activitysleeping,playing with toys
Favorite toyall of them
Likesshe likes to be petted and she likes to get attention
Dislikesshe doesnt like to be messed with it, in a mean way
StoryShe's a very old cat, we got her when my brother was born. All she does is sleep and eat and then lays back down. she's getting to that age where she isnt energetic like she was when she was little

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