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Pets owned by BandBuddy

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Pet Cat
Breed Tabby
Age13 years, 8 months
Favorite activityPlaying with a remote control mouse
Favorite toyTeddy Bear that I got from Mcdon
LikesRunning around like the little ball of energy she is
DislikesWhen I throw her up in th air and catch her.
StoryTigger is about 3 months old, I've had her since September and I love her to death. She's my baby, she sleeps in my bed with me every night usually beside me or on my pillow, and she absolutely LOVES popcorn. Not that I give it to her, but whenever I have it she always tries to steal a piece or two and sometimes she does. I've had alot of cats, and Tiggers my favorite out of all of them. She's everything I want in a cat Playful, cute, loving, cuddly, and so adorable. Whenever I'm on the computer she always comes over and climbs up the back of my chair, walks down me to get to the computer desk, and tries to get the cursor on the screen.
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Pet Dog
Breed Jack Russell Terrier
Age13 years, 10 months, 5 days
Favorite activityChewing on things
Favorite toyTennis ball
Likesto get out of the fence at bark at the neighbors
Dislikesbeing tied up
StoryJesse is about a year old, and is so adorable. She's an outdoor dog, but I go out and see her pretty often. She was her mommy's first-born, and before we got her her previous owners named her Pandora, but I think Jesse suits her much better. She is very playful, and can jump about 2-feet into the air. I'm trying to teach her how to play fetch, but I don't think it's getting through to her. Oh well, I love her just the way she is =)
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Pet Dog
Breed Jack Russell Terrier
Age25 years, 2 months, 19 days
Favorite activityRunning around the neighborhood
Favorite toytennis ball
Likesbeing protective
StoryI have no idea what month Woody was born in, but I know that he is 2 years old. He is my other dog Jesse's daddy. We used to have a hole in our fence and he would get out and run around the neighborhood. He would dissapear eery morning, and one day when me and my mom were taking Woody on a walk with us, a lady in a car asked us if he was our dog, and when we said yes, she said that he's the father to her neighbor's puppies. She showed us where the house was, and we got to see the puppies=) the people weren't very nice, they didn't even want to give us a puppy for free, so we payed them $200 for Jesse. Now that the fence is fixed, he doesn't get to visit his girlfriend's house any more. In a way, I feel bad for him, but at least he has Jesse to keep him company when I don't have time to go outside and play with him. Woody is very loving,he loves to be petted and scratched, especially on his tummy.

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