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Pets owned by swegman@ymail.co

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Pet Cat
Breed Mixed
Age11 years, 28 days
Favorite activitycatching bugs
Favorite toyeverything
Likesshe loves to give kisses
Dislikesbeing in truble
Storyi love my cat she is just beautiful. she loves to give kisses. but we are afraid she might get cancer. her mother has cancer and we hope she doesnt get it she is mixed siameas and something els
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Pet Dog
Breed Border Collie
Age10 years, 9 months, 18 days
Favorite activitybarking
Favorite toyanything as long as u play with
Likesfood wise everything
Dislikeshe hates copenhagen
Storyhe is a very hiper dog that loves little kids he just plays hard so we try not to let him play with little kids he ends up herting them but not on perpose he is a sweet boy.he is also austrelian sheperd and part cyote

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