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Pet Dog
Breed Chihuahua
Age10 years, 2 months, 30 days
Favorite activityPlaying with everyone! Loves giving kisses and running around li
Favorite toyHer tiny frog, baby squirrels (f
LikesLikes her belly kissed, necked scratched, and butt rubbed. Loves being outside when its not cold and not too many people are outside. Loves going to the store to get pick out new toys or treats. Loves loves when mommy or daddy comes home from work
DislikesJaney is doing well with the loud noises of the city, but still gets startled here and there. Janey dislikes when mom goes to work and has to go in her crate for an hour til daddy gets home. Janey is very friendly, but hates when strangers approach her to
StoryJaney was actually born on May 23 of 2010, not 2009. The website does not have the option to pick 2010. Janey was born in South Carolina and came home with us after our long car ride from Philadelphia, PA. We drove 12 hours with her through thunderstorms, so she doesn't get startled in the car nor during thunderstorms We had Jtaney at 8 weeks old and after 2 weeks at age 10 weeks, Janey was rushed to UPENN ER. She didn't suffer from hypoglycemia like most small dogs can get while still young, but HYPERgylcemia.Janey pulled through over night after doctors said they never saw an older dog let a lone a small pup pull through how bad she was. Thank God she did because she is my heart She now enjoys Peanut Butter in the morning to help her levels until she is old enough not to need an extra boost to start the day Janey can't wait to get her last set of shots next week so she can finally take a walk By 10 weeks Janey knew "Sit", "Stay","Come", and , "leave it". Janey is such a

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