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Pets owned by Burgie

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Name:D o g
Pet Dog
Breed Mixed breed
Age17 years, 9 months, 30 days
Favorite activityPlaying with red toys, spending time with Mama, and going for wa
Favorite toyRed ones!
LikesDOG likes the color red, red toys, and his Mama.
DislikesDOG dislikes loud noises, and doesn't like being bothered when he's hungry. He can get really cranky if he doesn't get fed when he's hungry
StoryJust to let you know, his name is actually pronounced deeohgee as in the actual spelling of dog. But we'll refer to him as DOG. DOG is a male, 7 year old, Gerwegian Shelkhound, which is a mix of a German Shepherd and a Norwegian Elkhound. We adopted him from the humane society on December 23rd. His favorite color is red and you can tell because he ONLY likes red toys In fact, he likes anything that is red. He is a huge Mama's Boy and loves to spend time with his human mommy. DOG is a very nervous and highstrung dog, and he does not like men. DOG loves to give you hugs and kisses, too If you kneel down and pat your chest and say, "Can I get a hug", he will put his arms on your shoulders and give you a big doggy hug He will also give you a kiss if you say, "Can I have a kiss"
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Pet Dog
Breed Mixed breed
Age17 years, 1 month, 2 days
Favorite activityEating, lounging around, playing, long walks, getting into stuff
Favorite toyDaizey pretty much likes anythin
LikesLong walks, attention, eating, getting into stuff.
StoryDaizey is a 6 year old Beaglador, which is a Beagle crossed with Lab. She has the sweetest personality ever If you are upset or crying, she will run right over and lie beside you. She LOVES to lick you...I don't think she'd ever stop licking if I didn't stop her myself Daizey loves getting into things. She also LOVES long walks. She has endless stamina and is always pulling on walks. We've only seen her get tired a couple of times. Daizey is super smart if she wants to be, but also has a very stubborn side. She is also SUPER photogenic, and is always posing for her pictures Daizey loves being in pictures and having pictures of her taken. And she will always be my girl
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Pet Cat
Breed Siamese
Age14 years, 9 months, 21 days
Favorite activitySleeping, being hyper and foolish, scratching, and chillin' on h
Favorite toyHis green guy.
LikesBailey likes to sleep, to chill on his cat tree and to run around.
DislikesBailey hates being bugged and he hates the vacuum cleaner.
StoryBailey is a three year old flame point Siamese. We honestly thought about naming him Pretty Boy! He can usually be found under covers sleeping the day away. When he is up and awake, he enjoys causing trouble, being mischeivious, and hanging out on his cat tree. Bailey is a very independent guy and usually likes to be left alone, unless of course, there is some backscratching involved!

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