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Pet Dog
Breed Maltese
Age12 years, 8 months, 1 day
Favorite activityRunning in circles playing with socks sleeping on uncle's lap
Favorite toySOCKS!
LikesLoose leash, walking, running in circles, tossing pieces of kibble in the air and chasing after it
Dislikesbig balls, exercise balls, basketballs, loud noises, fishaquariums
StoryHi My name is Luigi, and I am 7 months old. I live in Oregon and I am so excited that the weather is finally getting nice. Now I can go for long walks all summer...if only I can figure out how to get off my leash. I got a new raincoat that I can test out in the winter since it rains so much here. It has a cool hood and a pocket on it too. I don't like to get dirty much so I walk around the mud...I love to go to PetSmart and meet new friends...nothing like sniffing a new buddy everytime I go. I will be 1 in September so feel free to send me gifts I really like chicken flavored anything so don't hold back. Ok..gotta go...I've been trying to chew these dog tags off of me for months now...I think I have almost succeeded

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