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Pets owned by Chili

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Pet Dog
Breed Mixed breed
Age13 years, 8 months, 5 days
Favorite activityEnjoys walks to the park.
Favorite toyShe loves socks.
LikesHer bacon snacks.
DislikesWhen she is left outside.
StoryChili is my hero, she helped my husband recuperate from a catastrophic injury. Although, Chili is deaf, her other senses are stronger than your average dog.
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Pet Dog
Breed American Pit Bull Terrier
Age13 years, 22 days
Favorite activityNana spends her day looking out the window.
Favorite toyHer own food bowl.
LikesShe loves to hear her snack bag open.
DislikesNana does not like to stay alone.
StoryNana is the best dog ever, she plays with my other dog Chili. They are the best of friends.

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